Weekly Announcements

Twenty-five “feasting and fasting” suggestions for living a holy Lent by showing faithful stewardship of our environment:

  1. Feast on the beauty of this day by glancing up every time you go outdoors.
  2. Fast from spending money on consumer purchases.
  3. Feast from the goodness of God by giving thanks for your life and your sustenance before each meal.
  4. Fast from heavily processed or “junk” food.
  5. Feast on God’s creativity by watching with interest the birds and “critters” that cross your path.
  6. Fast from wasting water.
  7. Feast on the blessing of water by offering a prayer of thanks each time you wash your hands or drink from the tap.
  8. Fast from extra packaging by buying in bulk.
  9. Feast on the blessings of the community through random acts of kindness.
  10. Fast from disposable coffee cups by carrying your own.
  11. Feast on accessible services by recycling.
  12. Fast from automobile use for trips in easy walking or cycling distance.
  13. Feast on the outdoors by taking a long walk.
  14. Fast from energy use by having a meal that doesn’t require cooking.
  15. Feast on the richness of God’s word by reading the Bible with a lens for eco-justice.
  16. Fast from eating meat which consumes the world’s resources.
  17. Feast on foods from lower in the food chain like whole grains or vegetables.
  18. Fast from national chains by shopping at local stores.
  19. Feast from the light of God by eating a candlelight meal.
  20. Fast from television.
  21. Feast on the beauty of community by calling or visiting a loved one.
  22. Fast from extra energy use by turning down the thermostat if you are away for a few hours.
  23. Fast from household chemicals by using vinegar, baking soda, soap and hot water to clean and disinfect.
  24. Fast from running the dishwasher/washer/dryer when they are not full.
  25. Feast on fair-trade purchases when planning your Easter meal, then enjoy!