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May 9, 2021—Sixth Sunday of Easter

Christian Family/Mother’s Day


Prelude: “Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod)”    Seiichi Ariga, flute        

Lighting of the Christ Candle

Hymn:  “Mothering God, You Gave Me Birth”       VU 320

Call to Worship

Opening Prayer

Welcome, Announcements, Celebrations

Prayer of Illumination

Scripture Readings:  Psalm 98; John 15: 9-17  (Gospel read by Steve Burford)

Sermon:   “No Longer Servants but Friends”

Anthem:  “Blest Are Those Who Love You (Psalm 128) ~ M. Haugen”   

sung by the Men of West Plains 2021, with Tosh MacFarlane, guitar

Prayer Refrain    “Holy Spirit, Hear Us”       VU 377 vs. 3

Pastoral Prayer

Prayer of Jesus  (sung, VU 960)

Hymn:  “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”     VU 333


Choral Blessing: “May God’s Sheltering Wings”     MV 214

Postlude: “Jesu, Our Joy, We Adore You (J. Rouse)” 



Please remember in prayer:


Liz Travis, Marnie Gaylard, Lawrence and Tillie Hazzard, Ethel Ballantyne’s son Kent, Hayley, Joan & Bernie King


Today’s service features the singing of the Men of West Plains Virtual Choir 2020-2021:  Steve, Don, Stan, Brian, Peter, Murray, Phil T, Mark, Ray, and Rev. Philip.  Thank you to Tosh MacFarlane for playing the guitar.

Minister: Rev. Dr. Philip Gardner

Music Director & Organist: Lianne Tan

Technical Production: Peter/Marilyn Fox